About the Author

My name is John, I have been interested in the Tarot since watching a James Bond movie back in the 70s, in the movie one of the villains used strange cards with symbolic imagery to foretell the future. From that moment on I wanted to know more about these mysterious cards. I eventually managed to acquire a deck some years later but finding information about the Tarot was not easy back in conservative (pre-internet) times. There were no books available in the local library and it was not until the late 80s that information became available and my interest was allowed to develop.

Following on from numerous books, articles and courses, I later became a serious practitioner. I have now been reading the Tarot for about 20 years, performing readings at psychic fairs, parties and events. As with many other aspects of life knowledge and experience is constantly evolving and I have found it immensely useful to gain insight, knowledge and input from other experienced readers. I am an avid reader of books and articles on the subject and also keep a large collection of Tarot decks.

I would very much like to hear any comments or feedback. Please send an email to: Email TarotQuest.

I currently live in Perth, Western Australia and can be available for private readings.

Updated: 21/02/2024