Astrology Link

There is no denying that astrology and tarot are closely linked, both philosophies have evolved through time and consult the astral world for guidance. It is unknown who originally combined tarot and astrology, but tarot readers have been making these correlations for centuries. Whilst in astrology, zodiac signs and readings focus more on planets and their positioning, the tarot on the other hand focuses more on the power of the subconscious world. Together they can form two powerful oracles, their combination providing a profound insight into the life of the querent.
Astrology chart

Astrology's premise is that the planetary movements influence the "moments in time". Since everyone is part of the universe, our place and moment of birth recorded on the celestial clock is meaningful. Astrologers claim that the movement of the planets engage with this fixed benchmark through the "tidal force" and in this way manipulate the energies of our birth chart and life experience.

Cosmos versus Chaos
In astrology the universe is described by the Greek word Cosmos which means a "complex and orderly system" as opposed to another Greek word Chaos which means "without order". As such astrology is deemed logical and calculable and is closely related to mathematics. The tarot however has a deeper meaning, although it is based on the same four elements, as indicated in its suits it is esoteric in nature which means it can only be deciphered by a trained reader.

The very essence of "free interpretation" is often criticised as subjective and considered inferior to the established logic of an astrological reading, however I believe (and this is my opinion) that they go hand-in-hand each bringing a unique perspective on the querent's life.

Astrological Signs
Most cards in the minor arcana have a related zodiac sign. Also, each card of the major arcana corresponds with either the stars, moons, planets or a zodiac sign. Many of the symbols found within astrology are also present in tarot imagery, examples are The Wheel of Fortune and The World. By understanding the meaning of these symbols we can add further layers of interpretation to any reading.
Updated: 13/11/2023