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The Kabbalah is an esoteric discipline that has its origins in ancient Judaism. The literal meaning is "to receive". It represents a set of "foundations" designed to explain the relationship between an eternal, never changing infinity and the mortal finite universe. According to traditional understanding, the Kabbalah is derived from the origins of humanity in Eden as a revelation for all "righteous people". It seeks to define the finite universe and the nature and purpose of human existence within this universe.
The Tree of Life
Central to kabbalistic teachings is the Tree of Life which comprises ten nodes or Sephira and 22 connecting pathways. Each pathway charts the progress of each emanation from The Source (often viewed as God) and contains lessons that must be understood before progressing on through to the next Sephira.
Link to Major Arcana
Tree of life
Each of the connecting pathways corresponds with one of the 22 major arcana in the Tarot in addition to one of the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet. They contain lessons the Fool must understand before moving forward on his journey. From the moment of his emanation, he sets forth on a personal quest for self-definition. As he travels through the pathways he begins to take form and grow to realise his full potential. The Fool must follow his destiny and find his true purpose, for he must travel the 22 connecting pathways from one Sephira to the next without skipping any part, otherwise he would fail to fully evolve and develop.

The 10 Sephira are defined as:

1. Crown
2. Wisdom
3. Understanding
4. Kindness
5. Severity
6. Beauty
7. Eternity
8. Splendor
9. Foundation
10. Kingdom

Link to Minor Arcana
Whereas the connecting paths correspond to the major arcana the ten Sephira are linked to the numbered cards within each suit of the minor arcana. This provides another layer of meaning to complement and enhance that from numerology.
Updated: 13/11/2023