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Numerology together with astrology and alchemy were popular among the ancients, including early mathematicians such as Pythagoras who believed that numbers have divine meanings and reality can be expressed in numerical terms. Numerology follows the belief that because we understand the world through the science of logic, algorithms and patterns, so (the theory goes) we should also be able to use the same principles to understand ourselves. (See NumerologyQuest).
Tarot Connection
Many of the meanings attributed to the tarot derive from numerology and like alchemy have the concept of masculine and feminine. Odd numbers are regarded as forceful and masculine, or yang and even numbers as stabilising and feminine, or yin. A tarot spread can be read in numerological terms and to get a more precise meaning some readers will take into account the numerological value of the spread.
Tarot Spread Number
All tarot spreads have an overriding energy. This is a number that when matched with a card in the major arcana provides a high level message to the reading. For example, the wheel of fortune would suggest change whilst the star would suggest hope and optimism. To work out the spread number simply add all the numbers of the cards (court cards count as 1), if the total exceeds 21 then keep deducting 22 until the number is less than or equal to 21. This will always produce a number between 0 and 21 which will correspond with a major arcana card.
Birth Cards
Everyone has two birth cards, an Astrology Birth Card and a Numerology Birth Card. It is possible both could be the same card, however since only 12 of the Major Arcana cards correspond to Zodiac signs, (the others correspond to astral bodies such as the sun, moon and planets) leaving 10 Major Arcana which cannot be Astrology Birth Cards.
Associated Numbers
Each Tarot card in the minor arcana (excluding court cards) can related to an overall high level message. The numerical associations are as follows:

AceBeginnings & inspirationOrigin, birth, uniqueness, individuality, solitary, self and opportunity
TwoDecisions & dualityOpposites, attraction, co-operation, balance, partnership and commitment
ThreeCreativity & growthCollaboration, exploration, learning, acceptance and interaction
FourStability & foundationPractical considerations, security, prudence and wellbeing
FiveChallengeLoss, conflict, chaos, disruption, change and complexity
SixHealing & reconciliationAppreciation, harmony, peace, responsibility and contentment
SevenTrust & faithJudgement, wisdom, discovery, introspection and resourcefulness
EightSelf-empowermentDetermination, dedication, energy, strength and business acumen
NineConsequences & reflectionSelf-examination, trials, satisfaction, compassion and fulfillment
TenCompletion & knowledgeFinality, cycles, new beginnings, mastery and lessons learnt
Updated: 10/12/2023