Performing a Reading

When you are asked to do a reading you need to ensure that you are giving responsible and accurate advice, people may take action based on that advice so care needs to be taken. In order to do this I follow some basic rules which are listed below:

1. It is important to be in the right frame of mind. You may need to cleanse your mind, remove all the negatives from the day and prepare yourself to be receptive. This can involve meditation, personal rituals or just quiet time

2. Feel the energy of the querent, when you meet the querent you need to be receptive to them (this is the reason I don't support online or phone readings)

3. Ask the querent to shuffle the cards, they need to think about the questions to which they seek answers, tell them to keep shuffling until they feel it is right to stop

4. Ask them to cut the pack into two piles with their non-dominant hand and point to one pile. I discard the unselected pile and begin to lay the cards from the selected pile

Reading The Cards
The first thing I always do is lay the two centre cards, this provides the general theme for the reading. This theme may not necessarily be what the querent is expecting. For example, if the centre cards relate to money or jobs and the querent has a relationship issue there might be an underlying problem such as financial stress.

Lay the cards in accordance with the spread and and start to construct the reading. Some readers will lay the whole spread before starting to interpret, however I tend to lay one card at a time and talk about that card, if more information is required especially for a court card I might explore the card.

You need to get a feeling for where the reading is heading, this will come with experience. Often the issues become apparent without the querent telling you (although they often do). You will build up a sense of what the real challenges are and what remedial action the querent needs to take. Make sure you take note of:

1. The general theme of the reading
2. The dominant suit, ie if cups then the reading is concerned with emotional health/relationship
3. The reading level, if there are a proportionately large number of major cards then it is a high level reading

When dark cards appear in the spread it can be unsettling for the querent. Make sure they feel comfortable with what is displayed and explain the warning nature of these cards. This is particularly evident with the Death card (even though this is not even considered a dark card). Reassure the querent that the first stage of dealing with an issue is identifying what the issue is.

A tarot reading represents what is happening in the querent's life at a particular point in time, it is also a reflection on their current emotional state. By definition our lives are fluid, what may be an issue today may be overtaken by something else tomorrow. All readings tend to focus on underlying problems to provide the querent with knowledge to enable them to tackle the other issues themselves.

For example, if someone is looking for a new partner I will never say that they are about to meet the man/woman of their dreams. Instead I will suggest ways they can improve themselves and confront any issues from their past which have become barriers to a new relationship. Similarly I will never say to someone going through financial problems that they will come into money, they need to be given the knowledge to enable themselves to work out how they can improve their position.

Finally and very importantly, always end the reading on a positive note, leave the querent feeling good about themselves and what they can achieve.

Updated: 17/11/2023