Power Cards

The tarot is a highly balanced symmetrical system, it maintains the duality of nature. Most cards are not generally considered positive or negative but simply a reflection on a situation which can be turned either way. However there are some cards which are Power Cards and other which are considered Dark Cards and Light Cards. As with life in general we have many highs and lows and there are certainly cards which will describe these situations within a reading.

If for example a reader removed a couple of cards from the deck (and I have heard that some do) such as the devil or death card then would the resulting reading be true? The answer of course is NO! Telling a querent that all is fine when it is not is deceitful. The first step to dealing with an issue is first accepting that it exists.

The tarot contains four cards which are known as power cards. They are all from the major arcana and are always welcome in a spread particularly in the outcome position. Each card demonstrates a particular trait which you have within yourself which will help you through your issues. These cards are:

They in turn represent:
  • Having skills and abilities to get through, the resources of the four suits are in your hands
  • Having the discipline and self control
  • Having the courage and strength of character
  • Having the necessary experience and wisdom
Dark Cards
The dark cards are shown below, 2 from the major arcana and 2 from the minor arcana. When these cards come up in a spread it does not forecast doom and disaster instead it will show either:
1. What has happened in the past, or
2. Serve as a warning to what may happen in the future

If however a dark card is crossed with another card it does suggest the dark meaning of that card should be considered.

People will generally not visit their doctor when there is nothing wrong, similarly people do not look for guidance when there are no issues around them. The dark cards of the tarot represent the deep issues that have happened and need to be resolved. When they appear early in a spread it refers to issues which have happened in the past or are still current. When they appear as an outcome they are a warning of what might happen in the future.

For example, in a reading based around finances if the challenge card is the Ace of Pentacles with an outcome of the Tower, this is not saying that your financial situation will collapse but it is telling you that you need to focus on your finances and bring them under control in order to prevent negative outcomes.

Many people will look at the Death card and assume that is very dark too. It will only actually imply a physical death if combined with Judgement (someone will be judged at a higher level) or the World (an ultimate release). The usual meaning is the death or letting go of a situation.
Light Cards
Similarly there are 4 light cards, again all 2 from the major arcana and 2 from the minor arcana. As positive cards they are welcome in a spread so rather than warnings of what might occur, they signify what can occur if advice is followed.

Updated: 02/12/2023