Relationship Spread

This reading will focus on yourself and your relationship with your partner. It will tell you about yourself and your partner and how each of you feels and finally what you are both really wanting.

All cards are displayed in the upright position. Kings and queens can be gender interchanged to that of yourself and your partner.

Card 1 - How you see yourself
Card 2 - How you see your partner
Card 3 - Your feelings towards the relationship
Card 4 - Your partner's feelings towards the relationship
Card 5 - Your challenge
Card 6 - Your partner's challenge
Card 7 - Your relationship together

Relationship spread

The final card of the reading will tell you:
- The best way to resolve any issues
- How to bring more understanding to the relationship
- Ways to communicate and connect
Example Reading
The following example was for a lady in her 50s who had been married for over 20 years.

Card 1 - 4 of Swords
Card 2 - 9 of Wands
Card 3 - 6 of Swords
Card 4 - 5 of Wands
Card 5 - 7 of Cups
Card 6 - The Empress
Card 7 - The High Priestess

In this example the querent is feeling mentally drained (4 swords), she feels her partner has been through a lot (9 wands) but is feeling very frustrated (5 wands) possibly due to other demands on him.

The 6 of swords implies she is wanting a new direction and is finding it hard to tell what is going on (7 cups), whereas she feels he is wanting to be mothered (the Empress).

The outcome is that she needs to trust and rely on her own intuition as to whether the relationship can survive.

Updated: 13/11/2023