Tarot Colours

The colours displayed in the cards also have their own specific meanings. Each card contains symbolic colours which could be shown in the clothes being worn by the people or in the surrounding land and sky. I have summarised these colours and the associated meanings below.

BlackBlack represents darkness, fear and foreboding, as such it is a dominating colour on the dark cards. Examples The Tower, The Devil
BlueBlue is the colour of the sky and sea and represents space, freedom and expanse. Examples Nine of Cups, King of Cups
BrownBrown is the colour of earth and represents being earthly, grounded and stable. Examples Six of Wands, Four of Pentacles
GreenGreen is the colour of nature and represents fertility, growth and health. Examples Ace of Wands, Four of Cups
GreyGrey is the colour of clouds and mist and represents uncertainty, mystery and clouded judgement. Examples Ace of Swords, The Hanged Man
OrangeOrange represents harmony, contentment and intelligence. Examples The Emperor, Seven of Pentacles
PurplePurple represents compassion, devotion, wealth and status. Examples Justice, Six of Pentacles
RedRed is the colour of fire and represents action, pleasure and love. Examples The Empress, The Hierophant
WhiteWhite is the colour of snow and represents purity, peace, cleansing and innocence. Examples Strength, Temperance
YellowYellow is the colour of the sun, it radiates with positive energy and represents creativity, purpose and clarity. Examples Queen of Wands, The Sun
Updated: 13/11/2023