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Wicca is a nature-based neopagan religion with strong links to the various historical pagan beliefs of pre-modern Europe. Wiccan teachings emphasise the importance of the four elements together with the influence of the moon. Since the tarot is a means of communication with the divine, this has made it popular with witches throughout the ages.

Today, there are very strong connections between tarot and Wicca, not only because of their respective ancient origins but also because of the common symbolism. As the tarot evolved through the centuries more towards spirituality it became ever more aligned with Wiccan spiritual philosophy.

Wiccans respect their close connections with the natural world, the duality of male and female together with the order of the universe. This is very much in common with the philosophy of the tarot which has made it recognised as a Wiccan divination tool. For Wiccans, the energy of the divine exists only in the natural world and in the elements of earth, air, fire and water. Contrary to many pre-conceptions, Wiccans are not devil worshippers, Wicca does not even have a single figure that is considered evil. Evil can only be borne of an individual’s choice to violate what is known as the Wiccan Rede, Do as ye will, so long as it harm none.
The Pentagram
The Pentagram is the most recognised of Wiccan symbols, it gets its name from the Greek "penta", meaning five and "gramma", meaning a letter. The five equally positioned points represent the four basic elements of Earth, Air, Fire and Water plus the Spirit. It represents "the unity of all facets of the world into one expression of the Divine".

It is no coincidence that a human standing with all limbs outstretched forms a star. This is a living Pentacle, the star of life, which is a symbol of divine illumination. Also used as an emblem to adorn jewellery and amulets of early Christianity, it is associated with the five wounds of Christ, and because it could be drawn in one continuous movement of the pen, the Alpha and the Omega as one.

Pagan pentagram

Wiccan Symbols
You will find symbols of fertility everywhere in Wicca. They reflect the fertility of the natural world, many are sexual in nature which I won't go into here. Other symbols include the ankh which is an Egyptian symbol representing "everlasting life", we see this on the staff of The Emperor. The chalice or cup which is a symbol for the Great Goddess, the loving Mother of the Universe which is one of the four tarot suits. The Wheel of the Year, relates to the The Wheel of Fortune as it revolves around the natural agricultural cycle of the Earth's fertility.

There are also various tarot decks devoted to Wicca.

Updated: 13/11/2023