Major Arcana

Whereas the minor arcana offer meanings as to the what, the major arcana offer meanings as to the why. These cards are intrinsically related the the human psyche and provide the spiritual lessons of this lifetime. It is often said that to be a seeker of truth you have to walk the Fool's journey through the cards of the major arcana.

When a large number of major arcana cards appear in a spread the reading is consider at a higher or more spiritual level.

The Fool

Free Spirit

The Magician

Infinite Possibilities

The High Priestess

Inner Temple

The Empress

Archetypal Mother

The Emperor

Archetypal Father

The Hierophant

Spiritual Guide

The Chariot

Taking Control


Taming the Beast

The Hermit

Soul Searching

Wheel of Fortune

Cause & Effect

The Hanged Man

Self Sacrifice




Angel Card

The Devil


The Tower

House of Cards

The Star

Beacon of Light

The Sun

Light & Harmony